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Beyond Anxiety Course

Do you...

  • Feel like you're losing control of your life to anxiety?
  • Wonder if you'll ever feel calm again?
  • Avoid people and places and opportunities for fear of panicking?
  • Have pressure in your chest or tightness in your belly that never really seems to go away?
  • Not know how to turn off the endless loop of worrying thoughts in your head?

If any of these experiences sounds familiar, then this course is for you.

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In the Beyond Anxiety course you will learn:

  • How to calm the jittery feeling in your body and find peace
  • How to interrupt the worrying mind
  • How to connect to a place of inner power and feel confident again
  • How to turn your struggles into strength
  • How to tell a bigger story about yourself and your life
  • How to take back your life so that you are in charge again


  • Practising breathwork that calms the body
  • Learning to tap on anxiety symptoms
  • Addressing patterns that contribute to anxiety
  • Learning to reframe anxiety from the perspective of the Soul's journey

Beyond Anxiety is a 5 week course dedicated to helping you get results.

It is divided into modules which consider anxiety from the point of view of body, mind and soul. At each level, you will learn new ways to think of anxiety symptoms, as well as new ways to deal with them. The processes used in the live group will be recorded and posted so that you can use them at home whenever you like.

The group is run live in London, ON, and also virtually.

If you interested in the course, or have questions, contact us at:  519-679-3200 or email drlisabogue@gmail.com.

Other Ways to Work with Lisa:

Holistic Health

Akashic Record Consultation

    • Do you know that you have a block around something, such as expressing yourself, but aren’t sure what to do about it ?
    • Is there an issue that keeps coming up in your life, no matter how much work you do to understand
    • or heal it ?
    • Do you have an unhealthy relationship that you can’t seem to shift or let go of ?
    • Do you have a fear of a specific health problem ( eg. having a heart attack), or situation (eg. drowning), that doesn’t make sense to you ? 

past life book

The Akashic Record can be visualized as a library with information on any lifetime, or organization that has ever existed. By accessing the Akashic record, we can not only find information about past lives, or longstanding problematic issues, and how they arose, but also energetically heal the resulting patterns that are impacting our present lives. It is also possible to gain more understanding and perspective on any issue, including the question of our Soul’s purpose. This is a 1 hour session.


Are you feeling like you’re struggling in Life, even when there’s no obvious reason to ?

Do you feel sometimes that you’re your own worst enemy ?

Do you spend too much time being limited by your past, rather than enjoying your present, and creating your future ?

Would you like to heal the wounds that hold you back, so that you can be excited about moving forward in your Life ?

therapy pic

Psychotherapy involves weekly sessions talking about the issues on your mind, in order to clarify the themes that are operating, the tapes playing in your mind that are holding you back.  Once these themes are identified, the associated fears that hold you back can be cleared, freeing you to live the life you’ve always known you were meant to live.

Psychotherapy is covered by provincial health insurance provided that it is medically necessary, and sessions are attended in person.

If you're interested in 1:1 sessions with Lisa, call the office at (519) 679-3200 or email drlisabogue@gmail.com

tapping girl

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping

    • Would you like to learn an easy way to deal with strong emotions, such as fear, anxiety or anger ?
    • Do you have internal conflicts that hold you back from making decisions or taking action in your life ?
    • Do you have limiting beliefs that you would like to release ?
    • Are you stuck in behavioural patterns that you would like to change ?

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, uses tapping on the ends of energy meridians in the body to release blocks in the flow of energy which are associated with fears, strong emotions or beliefs that hold us back. Tapping is a technique that you can learn to use on your own anytime, that will allow you to free yourself from your past.

Watch the EFT Demo Video:

Who is Lisa?

The Great Quest for Truth

Lisa sees her life as a quest, always wondering, learning and asking questions like: 'How can we truly heal?' and 'How can we live in a way that is fully expressed rather than limited and constricted?' She loves to explore, not only the outer world that we all share, but also the inner landscape of our experience, and beyond that to unseen realms we can all access. She is passionate about seeing life from the perspective of the soul's journey, and about helping us all to compassionately remember the Magnificent Truth of ourselves, and others.


Lisa has worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years. Her work has evolved from working at the level of the mind and emotions, to include modalities which allow her to work with clients from the bigger perspective of their unique soul's journey, so that they are able not only to make even more profound and lasting change in their lives, but to live a life of joy, fulfillment, and adventure !